Medical Visualization Made Simple

Benefits of 3D DICOM Visualization

Access to accurate representations of a patient’s anatomy in 3D space, enhances a medical practitioner’s view of ailments or injuries, revealing details and structures missed using only standard 2D slices.

Pre-Operative Planning

Accurate 3D representations of patients’ anatomy, allow physicians to better visualize surgical sites and plan procedures accordingly

Reduced Surgical Time

Improved pre-operative planning leads to shorter surgical times, reducing the risks of complications, ultimately resulting in better patient outcomes

Patient-Specific Care

3D representations of a patient’s unique anatomy, facilitate personalized treatment plans, and act as guides in the production of custom-fit medical implants

Enhanced Patient Education

Seeing accurate 3D representations of their own anatomy, helps patients better understand their ailment, as well as feel more confident in suggested procedures

Medical Training

Training of medical students with 3D Anatomical Models, allows them to gain a better understanding of complex anatomical structures and procedures

Features of our DICOM Viewers


DICOM Vision



Lightweight 2D DICOM Viewer

Interactive 3D DICOM Viewer

Display DICOM Images in all modalities including CT, MRI & PET

View Images in Axial, Sagittal & Coronal Orientations

Analyze Images with Pan, Rotate & Zoom Tools

Adjust Contrast of DICOM Images

Apply Distinct Scientific Colormaps, or DICOM Standard Colormaps, to Images 

Segment Images with Advanced Algorithms, to visualize different tissues and organs

Reconstruct 3D Anatomical Models from DICOM Images

Use Intuitive 3D Editing Tools on Anatomical Models

Export 3D Models in .STL Format for 3D Printing

Create Interactive 3D Volume Renders from DICOM Images

Available on Mac & Windows

DICOM Vision


DICOM Vision Mobile

View Medical Images on the Go


Compatible with DICOM Images in CT/MRI Format

View DICOM Series in Axial, Sagittal & Coronal Orientations

Explore extensive list of DICOM Tags embedded in the Images