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This guide will take you through the main features provided when generating QR Codes. 

Steps include:

  1. Input Information (e.g. Website Address)
  2. Styling Options
    • Add logo or image
    • Shapes used to create the QR Code (Module Drawer)
    • Color masks overlayed on QR Code
    • Dimensions of final QR Code
  1. Create QR Code
  2. Save QR Code

Input Information

At the top left of the app, you will find an input option highlighted in blue. Add the information that you would like the QR Code to capture. The type of information that can be captured includes:
  • Website urls
  • Emails
  • Contacts 
  • Location links 
  • Any link


When creating a QR Code for a contact, you could use the example below in order to capture your full contact information. Open any text editor on your computer, copy the text below and add your information into the different contact fields. Copy the text in this exact format, and paste it into the app. The QR Code created will capture your full contact information.

FN:Firstname Lastname
ADR:;;123 Sesame St;SomeCity;CA;12345;USA
EMAIL;WORK;INTERNET:[email protected]

Styling Options

The styling options below, show how you can customize your QR Code beyond the basic standard look you find everywhere.

Embed Logo or Image

Select the Add logo checkbox. A dialog box will open, with the option to select an image file to be embedded in the QR Code. Acceptable file formats include PNG and JPEG (.png and .jpeg). 

The image selected will be reduced to an appropriate size and pasted at the centre of the QR Code.

Module Drawer

This option affects the shapes used to generate the QR Code. The figure below shows all options available in the dropdown menu.

Square Module Drawer

Circle Module Drawer

Vertical Bars Drawer

Gapped Square Module Drawer

Rounded Module Drawer

Horizontal Bars Drawer

Color Mask

The QR Code could either be in plain black, or have a blue shade overlay, as shown in the figure below.

Radial Gradient Color Mask

Horizontal Gradient Color Mask

Square Gradient Color Mask

Vertical Gradient Color Mask


Mix and match the styling options to come up with a QR Code that best suits your needs.

Add Logo

Rounded Module Drawer

Radial Gradient Color Mask

Add Logo

Circle Module Drawer

Horizontal Gradient Color Mask


Depending on where you want to place your QR Code, you can increase or decrease the size of the final QR Code that can be saved. By default, the size 390 x 390 pixels is set. At present, the dimensions that can be set range from 200 – 1000 pixels.


Select the Create button to see a preview of the generated QR Code, with the url and style options set.


As the name suggests, use the Save button to export the QR Code to a location of your choice on your device. Images can be saved in either PNG, JPEG or SVG Format. 


For any further information, provide feedback or report bugs, contact us at [email protected]

Privacy Policy

QRCode Wizard does not collect or store any personally identifiable information.

You are not required to register an account in order to use the Application.