Mapper Selection

A mapper in Med 3D refers to an attribute of the 3D rendering scene. In simple terms, a mapper takes data and maps it to graphics primitives which can then be rendered on screen.

Based on the available hardware on your computer, you can select a mapper that would take best advantage of its graphic processing capabilities. Each option is described in more detail below:

  • Ray Casting: This option sets the mapper to a software ray caster for rendering volumes. It performs composite or MIP rendering. Space leaping is used to speed up the rendering process.
  • GPU: This option activates a volume mapper that performs ray casting on the GPU using fragment programs.
  • OpenGL GPU: This mapper performs an OpenGL implementation of volume rendering through ray casting.
  • Smart: This option will automatically select a specific volume mapper based on rendering parameters and available hardware.

By default, the Smart option is selected, as it will assess the capabilities of you computer and choose a best fit. However, if you know the components of your device well, such as the type of GPU installed, and its processing powers, you can set any of the other options described above for a better rendering experience.