Medical Colour Presets

The Medical Colour Preset list consists of several colourmaps that can be applied to the complete 3D Image. Each colourmap includes a list of colour values (RGB), opacity values, and the intensity values (Hounsfield Units for CT) whereby each colour – opacity pair is applied. The presets are divided into CT and MRI categories.

Select Apply Colour Preset, and  choose a preset from the resulting dropdown menu. Each preset on the menu is designed to highlight the body tissues described, for example, CT-Cardiac which was used to build the 3D scene in the image below. Adjustments can be made to each preset to suit your needs. Learn more about adjusting presets in the ‘Customising Colour Presets’ section below.

Customising Colour Presets

Select the Customise Colour Preset button to bring out the Adjustment Bar to the left. The bar is populated with each colour, opacity and intensity value set in the preset. 

Change the colour at each point by clicking on the colour button, and choosing one from the resulting colour picker.

Adjust the opacity with the spinbox arrows. You can also type in the value directly. The values range from 0 to 1, and must include two decimal places.

Adjust the intensity value in the same way as the opacity. The values range from the minimum to maximum intensity values found in the imported dicom images.

Each adjustment will be updated instantly on the 3D Scene. If you are unhappy with any changes applied, in the menu bar, select File -> Reset Volume. This will clear any adjustments, and restore the original preset.

Once you are happy with the adjustments made, give your new preset a name in the ‘Colour Preset Name’ input, and use the Save Colour Preset option. The next time you start the application, your custom preset will be included in the Apply Colour Preset list.

Use the Delete Colour Preset option to erase any saved colour presets permanently.

Importing & Exporting Volumes

Med 3D features the option of saving a 3D Image along with the current medical colour preset applied. This allows you to quickly save a series of images, and any adjustments made to their visualisation, for future use. To save a volume, in the menu bar, select File -> Export Volume. A dialog will appear, in which you can name and choose a location to save the volume. The volume is saved with the .m3d extension. To import any saved volume, select File -> Import Volume, and choose the location of the .m3d file. The 3D scene as you saved it will be restored.

Included in the save file are;

  • The pixel values of each slice in the dicom series.
  • Dicom Image metadata
  • Active medical colour preset values