DICOM 3D is a medical image visualization application, built for medical professionals, to study and interact with DICOM Images in 2D and 3D.

Access to accurate representations of a patient’s anatomy in 3D space, enhances a medical practitioner’s view of ailments or injuries, revealing details and structures missed using only standard 2D slices.

Features of DICOM 3D:

2D Image Visualization:

  • View Images in Axial, Sagittal and Coronal Orientations
  • Interact with Slices using Pan, Rotate and Zoom Tools
  • Adjust Contrast of Images
  • Apply Distinct Scientific Colormaps for Enhanced Visualization
  • Export Slices in PNG or JPEG Format
  • View and Inspect DICOM Tags
  • Segment Images with Advanced Algorithms, to visualize different tissues and organs

3D Reconstruction:

  • Reconstruct 3D Anatomical Models from DICOM Images
  • Edit Anatomical Models using 3D Editing Tools
  • Export 3D Models in .STL Format for 3D Printing
  • Create Interactive 3D Volume Renders

DICOM 3D offers a fully integrated Dark Mode.

Privacy Policy:

  • DICOM 3D does not collect or store any personally identifiable information.
  • You are not required to register an account in order to use the Application.


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Interactive 3D DICOM Viewer on Desktop.

This is a Lifetime License for 1 Device.

Applicable on MacOS 12.0 and later.

Applicable on Windows 10 & 11.

$ 299.99